Spousal Support

In California, courts have the ability to award spousal support during marriage, while divorce or separation is pending, or as part of a divorce decree or petition for legal separation. The purpose of spousal support is to ensure an adequate income stream for persons who are economically dependant as a result of the marital relationship.

In determining the amount of the award, need and ability to pay are generally the two most important considerations, although courts may also consider a variety of other factors as well. At the Christy & Keith Family Law Group, we will provide an honest and confidential assessment to evaluate your situation and will provide the legal representation necessary to protect your interests. We will advise you on the types of spousal support awards available, including permanent periodic payments, lump sum payments, rehabilitative support, and spousal reimbursement.

If an order has already been issued in your case and either you or your former spouse’s circumstances have changed, we can counsel you on the process of seeking a modification of the spousal award. Our attorneys handle all aspects of spousal support awards, from obtaining an order to modification and termination of the award.