Paternity Actions

Whether you are a mother seeking to establish the paternity of your children or a father wishing to prove or disprove paternity, the result can have a substantial impact on your life and the life of the child. The paternity of a child can affect a divorce settlement, property division, child custody dispute, child support award, and the ability of the custodial parent to relocate out of state.

In addition to the complex legal matters, there are a host of emotional and challenging personal issues that surround the question of paternity. At the Christy & Keith Family Law Group, we have the professional ability and experience to advise clients on the courses of action available, pursue a legal remedy, and counsel clients as they struggle to deal with the overwhelming consequences that the end result will have on their life.

We are committed to handling all family-related legal issues with the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism, recognizing the sensitive nature of cases involving the paternity of a child.