Domestic Violence

Our firm has over two decades of domestic violence experience. Our collective legal knowledge, legal research and writing, and expertise in this area have been recognized by nationally renowned experts and appellate courts. Our attorneys clearly understand the sensitive and confidential nature needed to effectively handle and investigate the evidence in these types of cases.

We have significant expertise in working on abuse cases. Particularly when there are children involved, the situation can be volatile. Our attorneys have the ability to handle and quickly respond to issues such as domestic and international child abduction, supervised visitation, interstate custody jurisdiction, and move away requests. In addition to a focus on the physical safety of our clients and their children, our firm is also highly skilled at helping to establish financial security and asset protection. If law enforcement or Child Protective Services are or have been involved in your case, we also provide detailed counsel and advice. Based on the depth of our experience, our firm is well prepared to handle all aspects of a domestic violence case, including high conflict litigation if necessary.

Our firm recognizes that abuse comes in varied forms and that individuals need tailored advice. Based on the current statutory and evolving case law in California, domestic violence can have a profound impact on an individual’s family law case. For example, under California law, there is a rebuttable presumption against awarding custodial rights to a party who has been found to have committed domestic violence within the past five years. We therefore thoroughly advise our clients regarding the most up-to-date legal options, safety planning, and community referrals. Ultimately, we empower clients with knowledge, so that they can decide how to best protect themselves and their families when making or responding to allegations of domestic violence.