Family Law

Family Law, also called Domestic Relations law, encompasses many aspects of law that can have a significant impact on the home and family life.  For those who are contemplating divorce or struggling with custody disputes, it can be an emotionally difficult period that requires a delicate balance to protect your interests and those of your children now and into the future.  We help clients work through sensitive issues and counsel clients on how to most effectively safeguard their interests and cope with the emotional challenges they may encounter.

At the Christy & Keith Family Law Group, we have the required sensitivity and expertise to handle any family situation that you may be dealing with.  Visit the following pages to learn more:


A significant part of our family law practice deals with helping couples through a divorce and confronting the legal, emotional, and financial challenges that it may bring. It is important to consult with an attorney early in the process to protect y… Read More

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

A domestic partnership is a legal arrangement that grants domestic partners essentially the same rights, protections, and benefits as married couples and imposes upon them similar responsibilities, obligations, and duties. It follows then that the pr… Read More

Legal Separation

Under California law, when a couple is contemplating the termination of their marriage, they have two options: divorce or separation. Legal separation is an alternative to divorce and is often sought by couples who have religious or personal reasons,… Read More

Child Custody and Visitation

At the Christy & Keith Family Law Group, we have the experience and know-how to handle and counsel families through any family issues that involve the custody or visitation of children. We know that nothing is as important to you as your children… Read More

Move Away Disputes

At the Christy & Keith Family Law Group, we represent parties in California proceedings when one parent petitions to relocate out of state with the children or in cases in which one parent has already relocated out of state without permission fro… Read More

Child Support

Parents are often faced with the issue of child support during divorce proceedings or upon termination of relationships that never contemplated marriage. The support order may be part of an interim, temporary, permanent, or modified court order in a… Read More

Spousal Support

In California, courts have the ability to award spousal support during marriage, while divorce or separation is pending, or as part of a divorce decree or petition for legal separation. The purpose of spousal support is to ensure an adequate income s… Read More

Division of Property

Going through a divorce proceeding or legal separation and dealing with the distribution of marital assets and property is a challenging process. Having competent legal representation is crucial to safeguarding your financial and proprietary interest… Read More

Paternity Actions

Whether you are a mother seeking to establish the paternity of your children or a father wishing to prove or disprove paternity, the result can have a substantial impact on your life and the life of the child. The paternity of a child can affect a di… Read More

Post Judgement Relief

If you are not happy with the outcome of the decision that was reached in your case or if your circumstances have changed, we can counsel you on the legal options that are available to you. If a dispute arises regarding a provision in the original di… Read More

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are a prudent and legitimate way to protect your individual assets either before or after the marriage is entered into. If properly drafted, the agreement will generally hold up in court and significantly reduce… Read More

Domestic Violence

Our firm has over two decades of domestic violence experience. Our collective legal knowledge, legal research and writing, and expertise in this area have been recognized by nationally renowned experts and appellate courts. Our attorneys clearly unde… Read More

Restraining Orders

In situations involving domestic violence between romantic partners or certain family members, the Domestic Violence Prevention Act grants victims the ability to request a civil restraining order for a duration of up to five years and in some cases f… Read More


Today, there is a growing trend in alternative means of resolving disputes, including collaborative law and mediation. Many disputes are no longer decided in court and are often referred, rather, to mediation proceedings. This is particularly true in… Read More

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a process to respectfully and collaboratively negotiate a mutually-acceptable settlement without court intervention. An attorney representing a client in the collaborative law process has a duty distinct from the traditional adve… Read More

Dealing with legal problems can be a difficult time, particularly when they involve emotional issues, such as divorce and child custody. Our team of legal professionals goes beyond the scope of their duty and works to counsel clients through whatever challenging situation they may be facing.