About Us

Founded in 2007, Christy & Keith Family Law Group, P.C. is an exceptional firm, offering family law services to clients in the San Francisco Bay area and San Diego. Located in Oakland and San Diego, California, we have built our practice upon the firm belief that our role as lawyers goes beyond merely applying technical solutions to legal problems. We take the time to hear our clients, understand their situation, and address the fears and concerns that are on their mind. When clients come to us, we know that they are grappling with some of life’s most challenging issues and may not always be at their best. We help each client analyze their situation objectively and navigate the legal process step by step towards a positive and expeditious resolution.

Team work is the difference you will experience at the Christy & Keith Family Law Group. We work to give clients the tools they need to become active participants in deciding important matters in their case. We educate our clients on the law and collaborate with them to keep them informed every step of the way. We strive to establish a partnership of committed participants willing to work towards a creative solution for our clients’ legal problems.

Our attorneys provide the highest degree of personal care and attention. We invest time and energy in nurturing close client relationships and establishing open lines of communication with clients, counseling them as they strive to achieve a positive result.